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486 SBC Powered Mac Classic

Introducing the 486-Mac.  This Industrial Single Board Computer (SBC) powered Mac Classic contains an AMD 133MHz 486 class SBC, real SoundBlaster AWE64 ISA sound card, MicroSD card SSD, and 800×600 LCD screen.  It is battery powered and runs for 4 hours or so on a charge.  I 3D printed many brackets and mounts to bring […]

DIY 486 Laptop Using SBC

This project has one intent: Run Cubic Player with full 16b/44KHz sound in bed, without having to plug in. Specs are: AMD 586 (really a 486) 32MB RAM BATTERY POWERED – 12v@12aH lithium pack SB AWE64 ISA 120GB SSD FreeDOS The laptop is build in a small aluminum case.  I managed to find one that […]

Solar Powered Class-A RV

The Sun Powered Bus and Co has its own web site Learn About it: Get Your Own:

Vintage IBM Portable PC 5155

The IBM Portable PC, basically a 5160 XT in a case with a handle on it.  This one is fairly tricked out, with a full 640k, a 30MB RLL ST-238R HDD, 2GB CF adapter, MediaVision Thunderboard sound card and more. It’s running IBM PCDOS 2000 Can’t fit much more inside this chassis Rear view, showing […]

About Me (Lydian)

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IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 Project

The IBM PS/2 Model 30 is that version of PS/2 that has real 16-bit ISA slots in it rather than microchannel.  This is a good thing, because ISA cards are cheap and easy to find whereas MCA ones are expensive and good luck finding a sound card in MCA format. My PS/2 came to me […]

90s RetroComputing using Industrial PCs

This page is primarily about my 90s PC “tiny industrial builds”.  For my 80s collection, go HERE. Remember the good ‘ol days of C:\>, SET BLASTER, Cubic Player, and the PCDOS DemoScene? The glory days of computing when you set your modem’s jumpers to COM1, IRQ4 and it always worked? Or when you made your mouse […]

How I Built My Career

Sometime in 2012 I burned out from being a self-employed software developer.  There just isn’t any excitement for me there.  So I went back to school to enter the solar field and pursue my true passion – electricity and electronics.  Given that I’ve been playing with it since I was single-digit years old, I pretty […]