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Mobile Solar: Pickup Mounted 300w Off-Grid System

I’ve been putting some form of solar on my truck for many years now.  It started with a 25w module on my 1997 Tacoma, which expanded to 150w.  Then that truck broke and I had this shiny new 2015 Tacoma with no solar.  It felt incomplete.  The first iteration was a full-size SolarWorld 285w 60 […]

Home Made R/C Tank

I’ve always thought tanks were cool, ever since I studied WWII in middle school. I then wanted to have a remote control tank that was quite large. The only solution to this problem was to build one. I did hours of research on the ‘net, looking for others who have large R/C tanks. I came […]

Solar Assisted Battery Backup System

This DIY system consists of a Schneider XW6848 inverter, Schneider 60-150 charge controller, 12 AGM batteries, and 3 SolarWorld 310XL modules on a mobile frame.  This permits me to aim it at the sun during the winter and get more power during an outage. The battery bank’s specification is 48v @ 300aH (14.4kWh), and consists […]

Palletwood Furniture

These pieces were made from recycled palletwood.  My wife and I intend to offer pieces up for sale at some point if time and our disabilities ever allow it.  Right now these pieces were made for ourselves and family. The website can be found at Corner shelf Desk Workbenches Coffee Table End Table  

80s RetroComputing

This page is primarily about my 80s PC collection.  For my 90s collection, go HERE. My Collection Consists of: 2x PCjrs – one with 640k internal via Hotshot (detailed below) and another stock 3x XTs – 1 standard, 1 portable, and 1 custom project XT (will be detailed soon; currently rebuilding as of 07-14-2018) IBM PS/2 […]

15.6kW Ground Mounted Solar Array

I work for an amazing company; we’re pioneers in the industry, made solar work in West Virginia, and support diversity.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  So of course given my love of electricity and desire to get rid of my electric bill, I had an array installed that’s large enough to wipe the […]

Solar Suitcase (New Lithium Version)

It’s finally done, my big ‘ol suitcase full of lithium batteries, inverter, and charge controller. The specifications are: -100w PV array -0.75kWh lithium battery storage -300w pure sine inverter -Volt meter showing 3 decimal places (28 = full, 20 = dead) -SunSaver MPPT charge controller -Internal circuit breaker and power switch Let’s take a closer […]

LED Plant & Herb Grow Rack

Our plants & herbs don’t like the winter so I decided to install LED grow lights on the rack. At first I was looking on Amazon for actual grow lights and then I found that Lowe’s had LED strip lights with the same color temperature for 1/4 the cost. I bought those and installed power […]

Solar Powered Security Camera & Driveway Light

This solar powered security camera consists of a WiFi HD security camera with a DC-DC converter to ensure constant 12vdc, 110aH GEL battery, 80w SolarWorld solar panel, Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT charge controller, and LED motion sensing floodlight. First I started by testing the system on the ground, to make sure it was reliable. I found […]

100w Portable Power Pack

I recycled the panels from my old truck into this folding, portable AC power source, complete with batteries, capacity meter, charge controller and inverter. Unfolded Folded, with carrying handle Battery capacity monitor The back of the unit isn’t the prettiest, but it’s function over form here. You can see the four 6v 7aH AGM batteries […]