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How I Built My Career

Sometime in 2012 I burned out from being a self-employed software developer.  There just isn’t any excitement for me there.  So I went back to school to enter the solar field and pursue my true passion – electricity and electronics.  Given that I’ve been playing with it since I was single-digit years old, I pretty much went to school for the piece of paper and an entry point into the industry.  This is how my special interest became a career.

I entered the field as an intern, and quickly found my place hacking things around the office.  Specifically, Programmable Logic Controllers and circuits.  I was caught by surprise in this photo, as you can tell!

I built prototypes of all kinds of stuff, to find solutions for pending projects.

I even built plywood racks for testing my PLC logic.  It all came naturally to me and this demonstration led me to land a full time job.

I also helped with electrical stuff, but soon found my physical disabilities were preventing me from doing anything that required strength, which, as it turns out, as an electrician is often.  So back to the electronics I went!

I kept building control systems.

I got to help train another round of incoming interns!  She went off to Virginia Tech.

I also rebuilt the company’s entire web page and entire marketing system.  I am primary photographer and now do all the editing and video production.  I found this shot of me stimming away in the time-lapse camera at a solar install I was documenting (which I also completely designed).

I built attention grabbing contraptions for trade shows

And powered a SNES-Classic from the solar on my truck to occupy the kids at an event

I designed the solar system at my own home, which was installed beginning of 2017.  No more electric bills for me.

I designed and built portable solar power systems

I designed large battery backup and off-grid systems (I designed and programmed this one)

I’ve designed commercial, residential and non-profit systems of many sizes

Including this nearly half meg ground mount system in Eastern MD!

That’s basically it in a nutshell!  Being autistic, I have certain narrow interests that I’ve spent countless hours studying, with an endless fascination. Electricity and electronics is my life-long passion, and this is what it has led me too in life.  I like to say “I’m saving the planet, one solar panel at a time“.

My job now is marketing and social media, and system design.  I mostly telecommute and conduct most of my business in writing, where I excel.  Mountain View Solar, where I work, has been in business since 2009 and we’re about to finish our best year ever!  And boy do I have some fantastic plans for this amazing little pro-diversity company in West Virginia.