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Logitech G500 Mouse Surgery

A mouse is very personal.  And the fact is, I don’t like how most of the modern ones feel.  This particular one, the Logitech G500, is about a decade old now (2009 release I believe).  I don’t do much gaming, but I find gaming input devices very good for productivity and image editing.  And us auties do NOT like change, so every time this mouse acts up, I repair it.

This one has taken quite a beating.  Sometime around ~2014 or so the left click switch started acting up.  So I dutifully found replacement Omron switches on eBay for a few bucks and soldered a new one in.  It work perfectly until 2018, when the cable fray has gone too far and caused it to be glitchy.  So once again, I went to eBay to find a new cord for less than 10 bucks.

The damage reached the wire itself and caused glitching

Brand new cord from eBay

Unfortunately, cord replacement requires pretty substantial disassembly

I carefully laid all the parts out as I removed them.  Thankfully, the cord uses a connector and isn’t soldered.

Reassembled and it looks like new! (kinda lol).  It sure does work like new.  Another 10 years would make me happy!