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Solar Powered Security Camera & Driveway Light

This solar powered security camera consists of a WiFi HD security camera with a DC-DC converter to ensure constant 12vdc, 110aH GEL battery, 80w SolarWorld solar panel, Morningstar Sunsaver MPPT charge controller, and LED motion sensing floodlight.

First I started by testing the system on the ground, to make sure it was reliable. I found that the camera got wonky if the battery voltage fell below 12v…

So I got this DC-DC boost buck converter on eBay to provide constant 12vdc and it’s been rock-steady since.

Then I hired someone on Craigslist to put a 4×4 pressure treated post in the ground with plenty of concrete.

Then I mounted all the equipment. The solar panel is mounted with a generic mount I scored on eBay, some conduit for the wiring, and a group size 31 battery box from Amazon.