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486 SBC Powered Mac Classic

Introducing the 486-Mac.  This Industrial Single Board Computer (SBC) powered Mac Classic contains an AMD 133MHz 486 class SBC, real SoundBlaster AWE64 ISA sound card, MicroSD card SSD, and 800×600 LCD screen.  It is battery powered and runs for 4 hours or so on a charge.  I 3D printed many brackets and mounts to bring […]

DIY 486 Laptop Using SBC

This project has one intent: Run Cubic Player with full 16b/44KHz sound in bed, without having to plug in. Specs are: AMD 586 (really a 486) 32MB RAM BATTERY POWERED – 12v@12aH lithium pack SB AWE64 ISA 120GB SSD FreeDOS The laptop is build in a small aluminum case.  I managed to find one that […]