Lydian's FastMHz

Autie retro tech geek!

Vintage 486 Project

This is an IBM PS/1 Re-build.  Spec: 64MB RAM / Evergreen AMD DX5-133 CPU upgrade / MSDOS 7 / Floppy Emulator / Generic GUS / IBM 4GB HDD / Resound OPL3

Like it just came off the assembly line

Originally had a 3.5″ and 5.25″ floppy with a slow CDROM.  Replace with Floppy emulator, IDE HDD sled, and high speed CD drive

4x 16MB SIMMs for 64MB RAM.  ISA slots are on a riser so you get 8 of ’em in this tower of power

White card is the Resound OPL3 and bottom card is an STB Gus Clone (AMD InterWave)

Resound OPL3, a modern YMF-262 card with AMAZING CLARITY.  You’ve never heard OPL3 like this.

STB Systems SoundRage 32 GUS Clone