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Vintage Fan Collection

I love old fans, you know, the kind where your fingers are at risk while running.

I like to keep them as authentic “as I found them” as possible.  Therefore, I’ll replace cords with cloth cords as needed, oil the motor, clean them up a bit, but otherwise leave the original patina intact.

I currently have these in my collection:

This is an “AirMaster” fan that my wife gave to me as a gift.  Looks to be maybe late 40s, 50s.  This is as-found.

Cleaned up and running like the day it came off the assembly line!  I expect it to outlive me.

The little 6″ “Busy Bee” fan was found at a junk shop.  I installed a new cord, oiled the motor and it runs perfectly.  I suspect the green paint isn’t original and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s got lead in it.

The WestingHouse “Lively Aire” fan runs like new.  All original as far as I can tell.

Found this “Wizard” at a flea market.  It was totally seized.  I applied oil, and got it spinning freely once again.  Plugged it in and it ran perfectly!