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Vintage IBM 5150 + 5161 Project (Original PC)

This is my IBM 5150 PC with expansion chassis.  Main unit contains twin 360k floppies and expansion contains twin 10MB hard drives.

The two look good together.  This is basically your maximum 5150 PC configuration, with 13 ISA slots total.

Inside the main 5150 unit with floppy drives.

The cards, from left to right (top to bottom in pic) are expansion chassis connection board, memory expansion, CGA card, memory and IO expansion, and floppy controller.

Completely stock IBM 5150 mainboard, with Intel 8088 CPU, 5 ISA slots, and 64K memory.

Expansion chassis with hard drives.

The two cards in the expansion are the receiver card (IBM 1501426) and an IBM MFM controller (IBM 1501492)

The primary expansion chassis extender card from main 5150 unit (IBM 6319935)

Memory expansion board (IBM 1501989 XM)

IBM CGA Video Card (IBM 6278550)

Memory expansion + various IO ports (QuadRAM Quadboard)

IBM Floppy disk controller (IBM 1809113 XM)

Backs of the two units, PC on top and expansion on bottom