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Vintage IBM Portable PC 5155

The IBM Portable PC, basically a 5160 XT in a case with a handle on it.  This one is fairly tricked out, with a full 640k, a 30MB RLL ST-238R HDD, 2GB CF adapter, MediaVision Thunderboard sound card and more.

It’s running IBM PCDOS 2000

Can’t fit much more inside this chassis

Rear view, showing CF card, serial ports, sound ports, external floppy connector, another serial port, and CGA/Composite outputs

Original IBM CGA Video Card, “NEW” Version according to 8088MPH demo

AST SixPackPlus expansion board, with 384k memory, clock, serial port

Standard IBM Floppy controller

MediaVision Thunderboard 8-bit SoundBlaster clone with OPL2 FM chip (yes there is a blown cap, still works 100%)

Seagate ST11 Hard Disk controller

XT-IDE CompactFlash card adapter (Open Source) Two Gigs as D: !!